About Us


At Autoshield we value our customer relationships! We are quite clear that if we go the "extra mile" to take care of our customers with each job - they will remember us when it comes time to protect their investment in a new car or maintaining an older one. We also take pride in our work - delivering quality every time! We know that the quality of our work reflects in our reputation and ultimately the success of our business. That is why we stand behind our work and our professionalism.

Over time we have been pleased to establish a long line of repeat customers both with individuals and the many auto dealerships that we work with as well. At Autoshield, we have grown organically through the years by referrals and with little or no advertising. And that fact alone we think is our best testiment. But we do of course have some testimonials if you would like to see what some of our customers are saying - click here for testimonials.